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    The Newest Community Entrance of Grass

    broken by the chirping of this fire and by the voice of one of the

    bless ye!’


    Street that night, about the domestic occurrences I

    him, and opens his mouth no more

    months, by that word) into the bosom of my friend Copperfield’

    Peggotty was not slow to respond, and ratify the treaty of


    succeeding day Not to lengthen these particulars, I need only add,

    children we lived again, and that, under the pressure of pecuniary

    through the porch at the stars, with a heart full of love and

    I recollect well how indignantly my heart beat, as I saw his

    Mas’r Davy, doen’t!’


    Em’ly had but newly risen from the chair, and that the forlorn

    barred shirt or waistcoat on, with ‘Skylark’ in capital letters across

    other, but not at all intelligibly There was an abundance of bright

    One was in a court close to St Martin’s Church—at the back of the

    bookcase in the daytime as a bedstead could I was the object of

    obliged to me, for he hovered about me in his gratitude all the rest

    I really couldn’t help thinking, as I sat taking in all this, that the

    the distance, and was instantly choked by somebody Ultimately I

    I thought of the oddest things Of the shape of the room, of the

    every house in London was going to be burnt down every night


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